Episode 1. Let’s Level Up Together

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With a combined 20+ years of experience as wedding filmmakers, we created the LEVEL UP brand to help filmmakers elevate their businesses and their craft, so they can make more and work less.



I’m Taylor Petrinovich, and I’ve spend the last 2 years working intentionally to take my wedding film business to the next level. In less than a year I’ve gone from charging $1,500 for a wedding film to over $5,000. I’m focused on continually moving forward with my business, and I want to help you do the same. I want to keep learning, keep improving, and keep striving for more. Let’s level up together.

I created this podcast so that each week I can share the information I’ve learned that has made an impact on my business. From branding and marketing, to social media and creating an amazing client experience, we are going to talk about things you can do in your business to help you get to the next level.


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