Playing To Your Strengths w/ Elaine from KEJ Productions

March 12, 2020

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Episode Notes

Today‚Äôs episode is a special one, because I had the pleasure of interviewing Elaine from KEJ Productions, and we talked all about the importance of playing to your strengths as a wedding filmmaker and in life in general. 

Kaleb and Elaine are the husband and wife team and creators of KEJ Productions. As a highly in-demand videographer in Central Florida & the Southeast, KEJ places a strong emphasis on storytelling and personal relationships. With an extensive background in live production and audio engineering (as production leads for Emmy Award-winning shows to international touring artists), they approach filmmaking with a perspective that is particularly unique. Now as full-time filmmakers, they are continually expanding their brand, in and out of the wedding industry.

KEJ Productions:
Instagram: @kejproductions
Website: https://kejproductions.com
YouTube: Check out their channel


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