Finding Your Style as a Wedding Filmmaker w/ Tonemedia

March 16, 2020

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If you’re anything like me, then you’ve either been here before, or you are still in this constant battle with yourself about one very important part of your business – and that is your style as a filmmaker. At the core of what we do, creativity is what our wedding videography businesses are centered around. It’s what sets us apart from others, and it’s also what draws in our ideal clients. So how can we find our unique style as filmmakers? 

Today’s episode is an interview with Stephanie and Justin from Tone Media. Steph and Justin are a husband and wife team based in New Jersey and specialize in story-driven wedding films. They also do commercial editing work for some larger clients like the NY Jets and SYFY tv network. Their love for video started early on by capturing everyday moments of their life and editing together videos as a keepsake. It was through this, they discovered their passion for storytelling and editing.

Connect w/ Steph + Justin of Tonemedia:
Instagram: @tonemedia
Website: https://tonemediastudio.com


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