Pushing Past Your Comfort Zone w/ How to Film Weddings

May 18, 2020

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Have you ever wondered what’s possible for you? If you were to just push past the point of comfort and contentment, and go all-in with a goal you have in life, or in business? Well, that’s exactly what my friends John and Nick from How to Film Weddings did, and the results? More than they ever could have expected.

The theme of today’s episode is pushing past your comfort zone. John Bunn and Nick Miller are prime examples of that, having created a huge community and educational resources for fellow wedding filmmakers. But pushing beyond what you’re comfortable doing doesn’t have to be something as huge and daunting as starting an educational brand.

Pushing past your comfort zone could be using a new drone or gimbal technique at a wedding that you haven’t quite mastered yet. It could be attending an in-person wedding industry networking event in your area, or even raising your prices. We are all in different stages and on different paths with our own lives and businesses, but I know that John and Nick’s story will inspire you to do more.

John and Nick started the ‘How To Film Weddings Podcast’ in 2018, and have quickly become the largest wedding filmmaking podcast on the planet. With tens of thousands tuning in and a growing facebook group with thousands of followers, it has become the hub for conversation and growth amongst filmmakers in the wedding industry. Not only are they both running 6 figure wedding businesses of their own, they are continuing to push the wedding film industry forward as they focus on issues most are shying away from. Their podcast is a balance of business and art, and has seen success beyond what they could have imagined.