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Are You Making These Mistakes on Instagram?

July 8, 2020

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Episode Transcript

Instagram is my absolute favorite marketing tool for my wedding film business. I use it every single day in my business, and it’s been a game changer for me. But, when scrolling through my feed, I see a lot of mistakes that other videographers are making. If you’re making these mistakes, it might be hurting you and your business.

I’m your host, Taylor Petrinovich, and at the core of this show I want you to feel inspired to take your business to the next level, and I want to give you tools and practical advice to help you along the way. Let’s Level-Up together.

It’s no secret that I love instagram. I think it’s an amazing marketing and networking tool, that if used correctly, can make a huge impact. But like I said in the intro, there are a lot of mistakes that I see being made constantly. So let’s dive right in.

  1. Not having a goal for instagram. As a business, it’s super important to be as intentional as possible with all of your marketing efforts. And even though Instagram can be a lot of fun to use, at the end of the day, it’s still a marketing tool. So what’s your goal with your Instagram? Attracting clients? Networking with other vendors in your area? Or do you want to use it just to network with other filmmakers around the world? Once you set clear goals for yourself, you’ll have a better idea about what types of things to post, how often, which hashtags to use, and so on. So definitely have a goal in mind.

  2. Not posting intentionally. This one is most likely a product of the first mistake, which was not having a goal for Instagram. If you don’t know your objectives, it can be hard to be intentional. I see lots of posts from wedding videographers where  I don’t see a clear purpose for the post. It might just be a screen grab from a video, with no caption, and no hashtags. Posts like that aren’t going to reach anyone, draw anyone in, and they really don’t serve a purpose. It’s better to just not post something that day than to post something without a clear intention.

  3. Not using Instagram Stories wisely. They either don’t utilize their IG stories at all, or they completely overshare. I think it’s important to offer small glimpses into your life here and there so that you can be relatable to your audience, but I do think there’s a fine line on what’s an appropriate amount to share. I think that whenever you get into too much negativity, or anything overly personal, your stories stop serving you as a business and start harming you.

  4. Missed Opportunities. This includes things like tagging the location, using hashtags, or tagging the other vendors from the wedding day. Each time you use a tag, whether that’s a location, hashtag, or tagging another account, it’s a missed opportunity to be discovered by whoever you’re trying to be discovered by. Future couples, other vendors in your area, or whoever else you might be trying to target. With every post, you should be utilizing all of the features available to you.

  5. Sharing tons of content that doesn’t align with your brand and ideal client. You don’t have to share everything you shoot on your Instagram page. It’s so important to remember that you attract what you put out. So if you are constantly posting weddings from, say, very rustic venues, you’re likely to attract more couples and weddings that have that rustic vibe. Which is great, if that’s what you want to be shooting, but if you don’t want those types of weddings anymore, then you shouldn’t be posting that. It all comes back to being intentional. Don’t feel pressure to post things that won’t benefit you and your business. Having an intentionally curated feed that reflects your target market is so, so important.

Instagram can be an extremely powerful marketing tool for your business. At this point in my business, I attribute instagram for almost all of the weddings I book. Whether my couples are finding me organically through Instagram, or through referrals from other vendors who I’ve used instagram to build really strong working relationships with, Instagram is the platform that I use the most for marketing.