Elevating Your Business through Networking + Community w/ Dare to Develop

July 14, 2020

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I get questions from wedding professionals every day about how they can go about leveling up their own businesses, and start serving more of their dream clients. One often overlooked piece to the puzzle of running a successful business may surprise you. And that’s really focusing on building a community with other professionals in your local market. Keep listening to find out why community is a crucial part of your business, and how you can intentionally build that community.

Today on the podcast, I’m chatting with Kristine Herman and Ashley Baumgartner who host Dare to Develop. Dare to Develop is a podcast started by two hybrid photographer friends to empower small business creatives to focus on DEVELOPING community and take DARING leaps in their businesses.The Dare to Develop podcast will feature creative professionals who excel at their craft, have dared to redirect or change things up, and have focused on developing themselves, their community, and their industry into something new.

Kristine Herman and Ashley Baumgartner dub themselves “work wives” and want to bring you on a journey. A journey of artists, makers, business professionals who want to level up their business by daring greatly and developing community.

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