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Building a Luxury Brand w/ 618 Studios

July 20, 2020

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As I continue pushing forward in my own business, I can’t help but wonder what other professionals are doing to elevate their own businesses. Expanding into the luxury market is definitely something that takes a lot of time, intention, and consistency. But what can we do specifically to elevate our films and our brands?

Today on the podcast, I’m chatting with Kelley from 618 studios. 618 Studios is a husband and wife team based in Orange County, CA. They have been in business 10 years this year! Throughout their journey they have honed a unique fine art cinema style that set them apart. Through their years of deep focus on color grading they created Illume LUTS, video presets designed to give other wedding filmmakers a light and film-ic look to their films!

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-Connect with 618 Studios on Instagram – @618studios