Freelancing 70 Weddings per Year w/ Jason Belkov

September 1, 2020

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Today’s episode actually comes from a request I received from Instagram. Every once in a while, I put out a call on my instagram stories asking you all what you want to hear about on the show. And one request I received was about freelancing. So today’s guest is Jason Belkov, who shoots for his own brand, but also freelances on the side which is a great source of additional income. This is a great episode, and I think you guys will really enjoy it.

Jason Belkov is a former executive chef turned filmmaker.  After working 10 years for one of the worlds largest food service companies, Jason gave up his lifelong chef career to pursue film making.  Initially he started the business filming food sustainability projects for the his former employer.  That same year Jason began to film weddings and diversify his clients between corporate and weddings.

Jason is 5 years into his business and only shoots 10 weddings per year for himself while freelancing wedding films is a bigger part of his work.  Shooting for 10 studios and 70+ weddings in 2019 has kept him very busy.  Last year brought Jason to Iceland & Mexico documenting world leaders in food sustainability.

-Connect with Jason on Instagram – @jasonmatthewfilms & @modernstoryfilms