Is it time for you to rebrand? w/ Krista Jones

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With a combined 20+ years of experience as wedding filmmakers, we created the LEVEL UP brand to help filmmakers elevate their businesses and their craft, so they can make more and work less.


Is it time for you to rebrand? In case you missed the announcement last week – I’ve rebranded! My business has gone from Fleeting Moments Cinema to now, just my name: Taylor Petrinovich. So I thought it would be fitting to bring on my brand designer, Krista Jones, to talk all about branding, and when YOU might want to consider a rebrand as well.

Krista Jones is a brand and website designer and one half of the Davey & Krista duo. After several years working as a web designer for a nonprofit, photographing over 100 weddings and launching the Rising Tide Society, Krista decided to make helping creatives run better businesses her full time gig.

Krista and her husband Davey specialize in helping people create brands that book through custom branding and website design, consulting, and search engine optimization.

Connect with Davey & Krista:
@kristaajones + @daveyandkrista

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