Amplify Your Message with Strategic Imagery w/ Tayler Cusick Hollman

March 19, 2021

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Special guest Tayler Cusick Hollman with Sourced Co. joins us on the podcast today. Learn how to unleash the power of messaging online by pairing it with the proper imagery.

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Sourced Co. – Want to see what all the hype is about? Founded with the mission to bring high-quality stock imagery specifically to the wedding industry, Sourced Co. provides a beautiful solution to your brand-building and marketing needs.



(images provided by Sourced Co.)


Show Notes:

About Sourced Co.

In 2018, we founded Sourced Co. on the belief that building a brand shouldn’t be so (insert expletive) hard. Because, as fellow wedding pros, we get it: not just any stock photos and videos will do in our aesthetics-driven industry. You need effective, engaging wedding-specific imagery to market your business successfully. And, our goal is simple: to offer a low-risk, high-reward solution that lightens your load as a wedding brand builder. With everything from stock photos, videos, and art—to mockups, templates, and our fan-favorite styling blocks—we offer everything you need to curate an engaging library of the eye-catching, on-brand imagery it takes to book leads and build your business. Because a picture is worth a thousand leads—whether you created it or we did.


Check out Sourced Co. on Instagram: @sourced_co

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